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  • Required Information For:
    • Remodeling, Outbuildings, Garages, Pools, Additions
      1. Preliminary Site Evaluation must be obtained from Waukesha County Division of Environmental Health, 1320 Pewaukee Rd. Rm# 260 PH. 896.8300, before a building permit will be issued.
      2. If property is within one thousand feet (1000 ft.) of a lake or three hundred feet (300ft.) of a river a Zoning Permit must be obtained from Waukesha County Parks and Land Use 1320 Pewaukee Rd. Rm# 230 Ph. 548.7790 prior to obtaining a permit from the Town of Merton.
      3. A dumpster is required at all sites with five thousand dollars($5000.00) or more worth of work being done.
      4. One (1) set of plans. Plans must show details of construction, what was existing and what is proposed.
      5. One (1) copy of a certified survey showing location of proposed construction. Well and septic location must also be shown along with all other structures located on the property. Offset and setback measurements must be clearly defined and indicated.
      6. One check will be the sum total of all permit fees & bond for the project. The construction bond is returned to the party that issued us the check.
      7. Occupancy prior to final inspection will result in forfeiture of the bond to the Town of Merton.
      8. All requests for inspections must come through the Building Inspections Office. The office hours are listed above.The work must be completed before the inspection request is made or a re-inspection fee of fifty dollars will be charged to your permit and bond.
  • Required Information For:
    • New Single Family Construction
      1. Two sets of plans. Plans must show details of construction including types of insulation. A typical cross section is required. One set of plans will be returned.
      2. One copy of the Soil and Site Evaluation Report.
      3. Two copies of the Certified Survey or Plat of Survey, showing location of proposed residence.
      4. One copy of Waukesha County Sanitary Permit.
      5. A Driveway Permit must be obtained from the Town Highway Superintendent at 966.2118 before a Building Permit will be issued. Owner is to purchase and install culvert if required. Owner/Builder must Read and Sign Driveway Permit. Driveways are to be located 6' off the lot line.
      6. If the property is within One Thousand Feet (1000ft.) of a lake or Three Hundred Feet (300ft.) of a River a Zoning Permit must be obtained from Waukesha County Division of Parks and Land Use before a Town of Merton Building Permit will be issued.
      7. Heat Loss Calculation as per Energy Code.
      8. The Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit application and ALL Town of Merton applications must be filled out correctly and submitted together at your meeting with the Building Inspector. An Erosion Control Plan must be submitted showing all grades and slopes. These measures must be maintained until the site has been stabilized.
      9. Bring One (1) check made out to the Town of Merton. The check will include building permit fees and the Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollar ($2500.00) Construction Bond, which is refundable after all final inspections are done.
      10. Occupancy of premises prior to Inspection including use of fireplaces, boxes in either basement, garage or beds set up FORFEITS YOUR BOND.
      11. A dumpster is required at all building sites with Five ($5,000.00) Thousand Dollars or larger project being done.
      12. A Fifty ($50.00) dollar fee is charged for any re-inspection of corrections and Fifty ($50.00) dollars for work not ready when inspection is called in.
      13. The $2,500.00 will be returned as follows: First $1,000.00, less a $50.00 occupancy fee will be returned upon occupancy. The second $1,500.00 will be returned when the hard surface driveway is installed according to our ordinance (if applicable).
      14. A $1,500.00 impact fee is assessed to each new construction (if applicable).


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